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Photography Prints
If you're facing possible foreclosure, you may think your situation is hopeless. It's not! 
You may think you can't possibly afford a lawyer.
You can!

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"Backyard Paradise"

Original Watercolor 30" x 22" 
Original $1,800


"2 Blue Heron"

Original Watercolor 22" x 30"
Original $1,800


"Scott Van Gogh"

Original 22" x 22" Watercolor 
Original $1,200


"A New Freedom"

Original Watercolor 22" x 30"
Original Not for Sale

"Island Retreat"

Original 10" x 14" Watercolor
Original $450

"Brilliant Sunset"

Original 12.5" x 19" Watercolor on Yupo
Original $650

"Christmas Palms2"

Original 12.5" x 19" Watercolor on Yupo
Original $650

"Dougie's Serentiy"

Original 11" x 15" Watercolor
In Private Collection

"Coral Abstract"

Original 12.5" x 19" Watercolor on Yupo
Original Not for Sale

"Pretty Pear"

Original 10" x 14" Watercolor
Original $450

"Pair of Flamingos"

Original 4" x 6" Watercolor

Original Not for Sale

"Dolphin at Play"

Original 12.5" x 19" Watercolor on Yupo
Original $650

"Coral Abstract2"

Original 10" x 14" Watercolor on Yupo
Original $350

"Goofy Pelican"

Original 22" x 15" Watercolor
Original $900

"Flamingo Icon"

Original 8.5" x 9" Watercolor on Yupo
Original $325

"Egret Pair"

Original 10" x 14" Watercolor 
Original $450

"Spiritual Awakening"

Original 14"x 20" Watercolor
(Framed and Matted 20" x 30.5")
Original $1,800

"Egret Pair on Yupo"

Original 20" x 28" Watercolor
Original $1,800



The Paintings below were the design of artist Patricia Chute
but painted by me in Ms Chute's watercolor seminar. 

Zebra Seminar
Design by Patricia Chute - Watercolor Instructor
Painted by Mickey Krause
Not For Sale
Original Watercolor 18" x 28"

Blue Bench Seminar
Design by Patricia Chute - Watercolor Instructor
Painted by Mickey Krause
Not For Sale
Original Watercolor 22" x 30"

Flamingo Seminar
Design by Patricia Chute - Watercolor Instructor
Painted by Mickey Krause
Not For Sale
Original Watercolor 22" x 30"


My Beginning Watercolors 1993 & 2001

These paintings were done during workshops taught by BJ Carson
at Clayton Community Center in St. Louis, MO.
Ms. Carson now resides and works in Venice, Florida
I'm sure I used student grade paper, brushes and paints at that time.

When I got back into painting in 2001, I took instruction from another artist who 
emphasized the importance of using professional quality materials.
It certainly makes a huge difference in the outcome of the work. Colors and values are much more intense. I didn't realize early on that you could get that type of intensity using watercolors. 
I have been pleasantly surprised with the progress of my work.






In 2007 at 55 years old, I took a chance and applied to art school. I am so pleased to announce my acceptance into the Fine Arts Program at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.
I am (was) majoring in Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting. 

Fall 2007: I began as a Freshman in the graduating class of 2011.


January, 2008: One semester down..... 7 to go! 3.33 GPA

As of the Fall 2008 I am switching out of Fine Arts into Illustration.
(I will still minor in Fine Arts - Painting)

May, 2008: First year down...... 3 to go! 3.67 GPA

30 credits at Ringling; 3.5 Cumulative GPA


December 2008....Tough year for me. Struggled with Perspective class & Illustration 1.
A lot of added stress of the hotel/restaurant situation in Palm Harbor. My sister was overwhelmed and needed help. I missed my nephew. I finished the semester in spite of breaking my toe on December 5th and a bout with bronchitis the last week. After school, I moved all my belongings back up to my house in St. Pete then headed up to the hotel to help keep it afloat. It's been a struggle, financially and emotionally. We owe a lot more than what the property is probably worth now. (I'm most likely upside down on my personal residence as well). I have not painted hardly at all since leaving Ringling. I feel devoid of my creative side. 

I have a condition called Pulmonary Hypertension (high pressure in the pulmonary artery). I sleep with oxygen. I'd had 2 open heart surgeries to correct a hole in the heart in 1978 and 1980. My heart is enlarged due to the Pulmonary Hypertension. Stress aggravates the conditions, yet I find myself immersed in it anyway. I'm the only family member who lives in Florida. Dad is 78 this summer, still operates his business in St. Louis. He and Mom will be married 58 years. I'm trying to put the best people I can find in place at the hotel and restaurant. (I've got a great GM now who has taken a lot off my plate). I'm not a hotelier or restauranteur, nor do I want to be. I'd like my more simple life back of painting and associating with painting friends.

I was going to sell my condo and use the proceeds to pay off my house that I was  going to remodel and add on to. But my condo still hasn't sold. I've had to reduce the price so much that even if it sells now, I won't have enough to even pay off my house, let along remodel it. The condo is 2210 sf and the house is only 1049 sf. It's way too small to accommodate all my art stuff and provide a good studio space.

November 28, 2010.... Good news! In June a wonderful man found me. Michael has encouraged me to get back to painting. He's very spiritual and is a great comfort and support to me. I still work at the hotel and restaurant (Lake Tarpon Resort and Dockside Sports Bar & Grille) but have cut back to part time and starting to focus back on painting. I've started a series called "Keeping it Simple" that you can see here in the "Note Cards for Sale" section. I'm doing better with living in the Now and wanting what I have a little more than "having what I want". This life and it's priorities are a process. I'm back to enjoying the journey. Keep an eye on my web site for new work coming soon.

January 4, 2012.... A little less than a year ago (February 5, 2011) Michael and I broke up. He went back to Melbourne, FL and is pursuing his spiritual path. I had hoped we would be life partners but apparently that wasn't to be. I have been studying Eckhart Tolle and finding much connection there. My condo sold in May and I purchased a home that I moved into in November.  Lots of work to do yet and tons of unpacking. I imagine this will be a year for inventory and hopefully next year will be one of thinning out. It will be a process for sure. I work at the hotel several days a week, take a painting class on Mondays where I visit with my longtime friend and mentor; Miss Phyllis who turned 84 in November 2011. I've made a plan to have a party on December 22, 2012 (the day after 12-21-12 when the Myan calendar is said to end and predictions of some sort of Paradigm Shift abound). 

March 23, 2012.... I discovered a great website for marketing my work: I have much of my work posted there and put more up all the time. You can get anything from greeting cards to framed prints to canvas prints. Be sure to check it out!

December 13, 2013.....  The hotel stuff has all come to an end. My dad and I had a falling out in May, 2012. We don't have a relationship since that. In April, PNC bank foreclosed on the hotel. After a couple months PNC refused to work out a new lease with Dockside and forced us out. We closed mid-June. Very sad for all of us. Business was good and several people lost their livelihoods. The restaurant (all 8,000 sq. ft. of it) sits empty. No Christmas parties there this year. No restaurant/bar for hotel guests. A bitter ending for a long, stressful fight to keep it all afloat. 2005 -2013

I've been doing a little more painting the last 6 months. I go to Largo Art Association's group on Fridays and take a class from Jim Melton on Mondays at the Beach Art Center in Indian Rocks Beach. Still working on projects around the house..... very slow going but some progress each week. Peace and Love's sister, Payton, came to live with us so now there are 3! They keep me entertained, for sure! I just got back from St. Louis for Jackie's (my nephew) 8th birthday. He's such a great kid! I stayed with my daughter, Kelly and her 3 wonderful dogs. One of them, Tasia (a boxer... 10 years old), has a serious heart condition that may take it's toll on her over the next several months. But Kelly is doing well, working at a high end Kitchen and Bath company; Marc Christian & loving what she does.

  2002  2011 
2011 2012
Mickey Krause

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 All digital images of artwork on this website are the sole property and creation of Mickey Krause. 
Any unauthorized use of the images herein constitutes copyright infringement.




Waterfront Home! SUPER LOCATION! Drive by  today!



Old Florida feel in this mid-century 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 car garage home. 1045 s.f. Approximately 140' of seawall. Huge backyard! Add-on, build up, tear down, put in a pool. Fabulous Waterfront lot on Bear Creek. (Recently Dredged by the state). Delightful!

Wonderful dock with fish cleaning station. Great fishing: mullet, snook, etc. Only a few minutes to Boca Ciega Bay then on out to the Gulf! (limited access). Nice newer windows with custom blinds, central air, new water heater, carpet, paint, garage door opener and more. Plus a retro kitchen complete with granite counter tops, new cook top & new dishwasher. The garage offers the  2nd full updated retro bath & laundry area. Super convenient location.  Walk to grocery stores, restaurants, bank, bus lines Just a few minutes drive to St. Pete Beach, shopping, interstate, golf course and more!

6705 W. Flamingo Way S., St. Petersburg, FL 33707 Call OWNER  727-215-3636


6705 W. Flamingo Way S. at Oleander   google map   yahoo map

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She is a 9.5" tall bean bag plush 
and can stand on her own two feet.

"Wherever you go, Whatever you do,
Your Guardian Angel, Will be there for You!"



Only $9.95

Buy 3 for
Free Shipping!

In Loving Memory:
Josephine Mattea Nelson
November 18, 1997 - October 2, 2002
My Sweet Niece, Angel Josie


Designed by Mickey Krause   
Copyright 2002  All rights reserved.
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If you're facing possible foreclosure, you may think your situation is hopeless.
It's not! 
You may think you can't possibly afford a lawyer.
You can!

FREE initial Consultation

Contact Attorney Mark P. Stopa today at 1-888-450-1549

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Smart Collecting

About Gabrielle!
She is a 9.5" tall bean bag plush and can stand on her own two feet. 
She comes with these words of encouragement:

"Wherever you go, Whatever you do,
Your Guardian Angel, Will be there for You!

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